A good logo should feel fun and fresh and leave you with a smile, like a good taco.

Crafting a tasty color palette

The mouth-watering color palette was chosen to bring together the core flavors of the brand. Anchored by earthy browns and a bold and spicy orange, the palette is wrapped in a warm shade of beige, with a dollop of green as an accent.

rgb: 117/76/41
cmyk: 39/64/89/35
hex: #754C29

rgb: 246/148/31
cmyk: 1/49/99/0
hex: #F6941F

rgb: 35/31/32
cmyk: 70/67/64/74
hex: #231F20

rgb: 237/240/218
cmyk: 1/0/9/6
hex: #EDF0DA

rgb: 100/144/113
cmyk: 31/0/22/44
hex: #649071

Taco truck wrap mockup

This mockup shows how the logo could be used on a food truck wrap.

Business card layout

A good logo should look great and be identifiable at both large and small sizes. One of the smallest sizes is usually a business card.

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