Website design and marketing strategy for an independent publisher

Paranormal Printing is a small independent publisher, launched in 2023. This website design project required building out a mobile-optimized ecommerce site where the publisher could sell books and merch.

My roles included setting creative direction and marketing strategy, content writing and editing, web design and development in WordPress, and search engine optimization.

Putting the paranormal in the palm of your hand

A mobile-optimized and content-focused approach was key, as a large part of the Paranormal Printing marketing strategy involves driving traffic through social media channels.

Building with content blocks

Pages in the site are built using a modular design system, with reusable blocks for recurring content. This allows for easier content scaling.

In addition to large calls-to-action promoting their books, strategically placed callouts highlight additional spooky merchandising opportunities, including mugs, pillows, apparel, and tote bags.

Driving SEO traffic through blog posts

Another significant part of the Paranormal Printing marketing strategy involves packaging their location-specific ghost stories into search engine optimized blog posts to drive organic website traffic. The blog is designed to showcase their written content and spooky black-and-white illustration style.

Visit the live website

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